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Valerie Wilson


I decided to go a lighter version of the galaxy this time. I really love doing Galaxy Nails because you really can't do them wrong. You don't have to worry about straight lines or making them even, in fact I think they look best when they are all different. Its a great technique for beginners to the advanced.

For this mani, I used a makeup sponge to achieve this look on top of a white base. I applied my first color on the corner of a sponge. I then randomly and lightly dabbed a part of each nail (be sure to dab the excess on a paper towel before dabbing your nail). I continued with each color until I achieved the look I wanted. I did 2 or 3 light coats - thats important. I then used Maybeline Polka Dots to give me the "galaxy" effect then of course a coat of Seche Vite to seal it.

The polishes I used are
SinfulColors White on White
SinfulColors Mint Apple
Wet n Wild Candy-licious
Sally Hansen Extreme Wear (the blue - The name wore off)
Maybelline Polka Dots - Clearly Spotted
Seche Vite