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Halloween Gradient

halloween gradient


Valerie Wilson

Halloween Gradient

Orange and Black Halloween Gradient

I first did a base coat of the orange (let dry) and then I striped both the orange and black on the makeup sponge (overlapping a bit) and dabbed it once on my paper towel to get even color. I lined it up to one side of my nail and slowly rolled the sponge over the nail. Once I seen how the color went onto the nail, I dabbed a bit to blend it a bit more. I did all my nails like that then went back and did a second coat. Then went back with just the black on a small part of the sponge and touched up where I thought it needed just a bit more to blend. Then sealed it with Seche Vite.

The secret I found to doing this 2 color gradient correctly is to NOT over sponge, do thin coats and let each coat dry a bit before you do another. Also, always dab the sponge on your paper towel before you sponge your nail to get the polish even on the sponge.

Polish Used:

SinfulColors 853 Cloud 9

SinfulColors 103 Black on Black

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